Hello, Everyone!  I’m so happy you’ve stopped by!  🙂 

I have a new release out as of November 1st! It’s called THE SPANISH DUKE’S HOLIDAY PROPOSAL and it’s part of a six-book series titled Christmas in Manhattan. This was a fun one to write, as it’s set mostly in Spain and Catalonia, which happens to be in the news right now. I’ve never been there, but enjoyed researching the area. I hope you take a peek at the excerpt to see if it sounds like a story you might like. And of course, all the buy links are there, should you want them 🙂

Also, this happens to be my tenth published book! I’m pretty excited about that, and, to celebrate, I’ll be giving away books over the next weeks. To see when I’m having contests, find me on my author Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Robin-Gianna-651967504836892/

or Twitter @Robin_Gianna. And here, too!  🙂 #10thbookiversary

Happy November! xoxo