A Quick Synopsis of My Writing Journey

Posted May 30 2013, 3:43 pm

I’m beyond happy to be writing my first blog for my author website!  Since my very first published book is coming out January 1st, it seemed to me it would be fun to tell about how I got here.

I’ve always loved the written word and reading. It’s why I decided to study journalism in college. And it’s why I wrote a few non-fiction articles for small publications after I’d decided to stay at home with my three children.

But write fiction?  It never occurred to me. Why? I wish I knew! I also wish I’d decided on this journey long ago, but maybe there’s a reason it all happened a little later in my life.

So, since it never occurred to me before, how did I have this strange epiphany that I should write a novel?  For a number of years I hadn’t picked up a book, because my reading became limited to magazines I could drop it at a moment’s notice when interrupted by little ones.  But my children had gotten a bit older and we were about to head to a beach vacation. I ran downstairs to get a last-minute item for the trip, and spied a box of books.  On top was a gothic romance I’d read many years earlier that I remembered enjoying, but couldn’t remember the story.  I grabbed it and decided it would be my first beach-read novel in a long time.

I finished the book.  But as I lay on the beach, I found the characters were still talking, doing new things in the story, continuing it on.  After we got home, they were still yakking and going off on new adventures in my head – when I was driving, doing housework, trying to sleep.  It was so disturbing I thought I might be developing some mental disorder!  I finally realized that this was a clear sign I needed to write a book.  And not a book with those characters, who belonged to another writer, but to create new characters and a story of my own.  And that’s how the adventure began. 

I took online fiction writing classes. Read writing-craft books. Devoured novels voraciously. I joined RWA and its local writing chapter, where I met wonderful women who were beyond generous with their knowledge and advice.

It took a long time to finally sell.  There were years I didn’t write at all because life has a tendency to get in the way.  And it was a lot harder to learn the craft than I ever dreamed it would be.  Not to mention that the competition is fierce in the publishing world.  But something about it nagged at me, even when I wasn’t working on a story.  Finally, I knew I had to pull myself up by the bootstraps and work harder and write more to try to make it happen.

So here I am, with a book coming out, published by Harlequin Mills & Boon, in the new year.  A year that’s new for me in many ways, with new challenges and new forks in this road I’ve been traveling.  And I can’t wait to see what this new future brings.



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  1. Margaret Evans says:

    Congratulations Robin! Cannot wait to read it!
    Your commitment to achieving your goals is admirable. Looking forward to hearing more about your journey. Your fan, Margaret

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