Changed By His Son’s Smile

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As the son of mission physicians, Dr. Chase Bowen grew up living in mission hospitals around the world. He knows a family is out of the question for him, because the places his work takes him are too dangerous for children. Chase is stunned when his lover from three years ago shows up to work in Benin for an eight month stint. Three years earlier when they’d worked together in Honduras, Dani asked him to marry her and have a family together. Chase felt he had no choice but to turn her down flat, despite how much it hurt saying goodbye.

A two-and-a-half year old boy has arrived with Dani here in West Africa, and Chase realizes why she’d asked him to marry her – the child is his! Chase tells her he accepts her marriage proposal, but Dani responds that it’s too late!  

Chase is determined to change her mind, and insists their son belongs in the US, where he’d be safer than in places like Africa.  Being a mission doctor is his life, but he’s convinced they can make it work with her and their son in the US, and him working there a few months a year.  Dani knows how it feels to be unimportant to a parent, and refuses to marry a man her son would see only a few months a year.  Can Chase and Dani find a solution that will work for all three of them? Or are their differences too big to overcome?