Reunited with His Runaway Bride

About the Book

I’m so happy about all the wonderful reviews I’ve been receiving for Reunited With His Runaway Bride

It’s been described as “Addicting,” “Heart-warming,” and “A great story.”  One reviewer stated that “While many books keep my feelings engaged from time to time, seldom does a contemporary story grab my thoughts from the very start and not let go until the last scene is read.”  Another said, “When I read a book with a plot that works, a book with such a skilled way of words putting me ringside, two characters I believed in from the beginning; when I feel every emotion under the rainbow reading the story and when I realise at the conclusion I’m all warm and fuzzy – terribly sad the ride is over, there is no question in my mind to reward Reunited With His Runaway Bride with 5 bright and shiny stars!”

So you can see why I’m thrilled!  🙂  Check out the reviews on Goodreads:

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Here’s the blurb:

Brought back together by a baby  

It broke Dr. Bree Donovan’s heart to end things with family-orientated surgeon Sean Latham, but marriage and kids are not for her. Only, now Sean is asking her to help care for his newborn nephew while his sister is in hospital, and Bree can’t say no. 

It’s temporary, but as Bree experiences how rewarding family life can be—and gives in to the passion she and Sean have always shared—is it possible for her to believe that this time around they really could have it all?