The Last Temptation of Dr. Dalton

About the Book

Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Edwards runs a mission hospital in Liberia, West Africa.  She knows all too well what it feels like to have a disfigurement, and is determined to open a new wing of her hospital that will be devoted to plastic surgery.  Problem is, she can’t open the new wing without funding from a philanthropic organization.  And they’ll only provide the money after she has a plastic surgeon on the premises.

Dr. Trent Dalton is about to go on vacation after having just left a one year stint working in a mission hospital for the Global Physicians Coalition.  He’s asked to postpone his trip a few days to fill in at a hospital in Liberia until their new general surgeon arrives. Gorgeous, feisty Charlotte Edwards is impossible to resist, and they enjoy a one night fling together the night before he leaves.  Problem is, he’s forced to come back! 

Trent and Charlotte know that second goodbyes can get messy, and agree to keep their relationship strictly business only from now on.  Of course, that’s easier said than done!  Then Charlotte finds out Trent isn’t just a general surgeon—he’s a plastic surgeon too.  A representative for the philanthropist is coming any day, and Charlotte doesn’t have a plastic surgeon on site yet.  Desperate for the funding, Charlotte deceives Trent to keep him there until the rep gives her hospital the green light and the money.

As Trent and Charlotte grow close, she knows what she’s done is wrong, and can’t help but worry—what will happen if Trent finds out the truth?